Thursday, October 10, 2019

Winter Tips For Truckers

The winter months can present a lot of obstacles on the road for truck drivers. That is why it pays to be prepared and here is a look at some useful tips that CDL truckers can use to their advantage during the winter months.

Watch for black ice

This can be very dangerous to anyone on the road, especially truckers. Black ice actually has a shine to it and can appear to look like a puddle of water. It often starts to form underneath overpasses as well as in spots that have a significant amount of shade. Intersections can also be a problem area for black ice.

Make a list and check it twice

It helps to be ready for winter challenges and it is wise to make a list of items to keep with you at all times. Pack extra clothes to prepare for the cold and remember that heat is lost through hands and feet. It is also a good idea to keep an ice scraper and windshield deicer handy. Flashlights and batteries are also a help as is rock salt for icy conditions.

Layer up

Dressing in layers will enable you to stay warmer for longer periods of time and on long haul trucking jobs, it is easy to peel off layers and allow yourself to be a little cooler.

Remove snow

When driving through snow, there can be a quick accumulation of ice on your truck. At each stopping point, it is recommended to knock any ice off your truck, which includes the ICC bumper, mud flaps, chain hangers and any other problem areas. Failure to do so could bring about a lot of danger to other drivers.

snow chains, truck tires

Proper equipment

Sometimes, the proper equipment could turn out to be very useful. Load up with the right size chains, waterproof gloves, bungees, kneeling pad and camlock t-handles.

Know your brakes

Anti-lock brakes can work to a driver’s advantage and in an emergency, a driver should press down on the brake and hold it. What happens is the anti-lock brake system prevents your wheels from locking and allows you to navigate around any obstructions. When driving a truck without anti-lock brakes, pump on the brakes lightly as it will help to keep your tires from locking.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Hiring Younger Truck Drivers Can Prove To Be An Asset

There is no rule that dictates how old a person needs to be in order to obtain a CDL truck driving job, just as long as they are at least 18 years of age. There are some people who are all for hiring younger truckers while others are stoutly against it. Here is some insight on how younger truckers can prove the naysayers wrong.

Younger drivers naturally have more energy. Most new drivers are not bogged down by the stress and angst that comes with supporting kids, going through a divorce or worrying about how the next mortgage payment will be made. Therefore, younger drivers are often much fresher and more alert than someone who has 20 more years of worry. They can definitely use that energy to their advantage.

Young drivers may not have the experience of a 30-year veteran trucker, but they can have better reflexes and more stamina. For the most part, the majority of younger drivers are in better physical shape. That makes them better candidates to drive long hauls and sharper reflexes could also enable them to make a split second decision that avoids a collision.

Loading trucks with cargo is something that is not always readily welcomed by older drivers. However, many younger drivers are in adequate enough shape to help out with the loading process. That could translate into quicker drive times and less time spent in an idle state.

While younger drivers may lack experience, they have also not developed any bad habits, nor are they set in their ways. That allows a certain level of adaptability, which is a tremendous plus among those who are hiring truck drivers in Charlotte NC.

As technology expands, there are plenty of new devices to aid truck drivers. The younger generation has grown up with cell phones and they have always lived in a world where going online to find out information was the norm. This makes them more prone to understand all the new technology that can help truckers and they will likely to be more inclined to put that technology to use.

T.G. Stegall Trucking values drivers of all ages and welcomes younger drivers to take advantage of one of the company’s truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC. A bright career awaits as T.G. Stegall Trucking Company continues to be among the elite when it comes to Charlotte truck driving jobs.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Benefits of Short Haul Truck Driving

Not every truck driving job has to stretch across miles and miles of highway. There are plenty of trucker jobs that do not even require the driver to leave the state. Here’s a look at the long list of benefits that comes with a short haul truck driving job assignments.


Truckers are more familiar with the local routes and roads they will take on a short haul. Traveling in a familiar area provides less stress and offers the ease of navigating through territory drivers already know. Many drivers are becoming more and more inclined to welcome these kind of trips where they already know the lay of the land.

No change in lifestyle

Truckers who make long trips across quite a few states have to adjust to a new way of life. That means eating meals on the road, sleeping in their cab and being away from their loved ones. Short hauls allow truckers to go to work and then come home, much like most other jobs. Companies like TG Stegall Trucking Co in Charlotte say their drivers will get home virtually every weekend, and may even be able to get home in mid-week as well.

Healthier living

Being able to go home at nights is healthier in a number of ways. Short haul drivers are able to sleep better and eat better. There is also the opportunity to have a normal night life as opposed to spending time alone at a truck stop or motel.

Less expenses

Short haul drivers can pack their lunch and limit what they spend on food. Everything out on the road costs a little bit more than it would at home and that can include leisure expenses as well. Operating expenses can add up in a hurry, particularly for truckers who are owner operators.

No log keeping

Drivers who make shorter trips do not have to worry about all the requirements that are needed to keep an accurate log book. It is one parts of the job truck drivers tend to dislike, although it is not a concern on shorter trips that cover much less ground.

Less solitude

Being alone in a truck for long periods of time can cause loneliness and even depression. Short haul drivers don’t have to worry about feeling isolated during their runs as it won’t force them to commit to enduring stretches of solitude.

If you have been looking into any local truck driving jobs in Charlotte, your search can end by contacting T.G. Stegall Trucking Company. The number of rewards are extremely high as T.G. Stegall provides all the perks to make it among the best trucking jobs Charlotte has to offer.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Things to Know About the Truck Driving Industry

Getting into the trucking industry can provide a beneficial career for those looking for a life out on the open road. For new, veteran and potential drivers, here are some important things to know about the truck driving industry.

•    Full-time truck driving jobs are demanding as drivers are expected to log around 120,000 miles per year, which averages out to a little more than 2,300 miles a week. In a five-day work week, that comes to 460 miles per day.

•    The trucking industry’s origins are dated back to 1933 when the American Trucking Association was formed. It was not until 1967 that the DOT (Department of Transportation) was established and started overseeing standards for driver licensing as well as maximum driving hours.

•    Many drivers are expected to work a total of 70 hours over an eight-day period. However, there needs to be a minimum of 34 hours of rest before a driver can resume driving after a 70-hour work period.

•    Trucks that contain a full load generally weigh around 80,000 pounds and require an entire football field, which measures 100 yards, in order to come to a complete stop.

•    The trucking industry accounts for a great deal of American jobs. Currently, there are more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. as one of every 15 people work for a trucking company. This also means trucking jobs are in high demand.

•    National Truck Driver Appreciation Week takes place every year in September and this year’s will be held from the 13th to the 19th. During that week, there are a host of promotional events planned out by the ATA (America Trucking Association). Trucking companies are expected to display driver appreciation during that time with various promotions and events.
•    The average American truck driver is 49 years old while the rest of the American workforce checks in with an average age of 42. Women also comprise only 6.7% of all American truckers.

•    The National Truck Driving Championships are held annually and this year the event will take place from August 11-15 in St. Louis, MO. It dates back to 1937 and has all sorts of events while being described by many drivers as the Olympics of trucking.

T.G. Stegall is hiring truck drivers! They provides drivers with a bright future in the trucking industry. With plenty of work available, drivers can take advantage of great pay, consistent miles, and other fantastic benefits by working for the top trucking company in North Carolina.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ways to Make Your Next Haul a Safer One

Mostly everyone who acquires a OTR truck driving job has learned all about proper safety protocol to take. However, there are lessons drivers can continually learn and safety skills they can constantly sharpen. Here are some helpful tips to making your next haul a safer one.

Always Be Watching

Short haul trucking jobs often require drivers to take the same route. While drivers may be very familiar with those routes, something could always change. Always be on the lookout for the unexpected as traffic patterns could alter at a moment’s notice. Be on the lookout for any signs notifying you of any traffic pattern changes or road closings.

Inspect Before You Drive

When making a lot of runs, it’s easy to breeze through your pre-trip inspection. However, a thorough inspection could alleviate a lot of problems later in the trip. Be sure to spend a good 10-15 minutes conducting a comprehensive inspection before you drive off. Also, make sure all your signaling and lights are in working order.

Ride the Right Lane

No matter how long someone has been driving a big truck, there are always going to be blind spots which limit what a driver can see. The right side of the truck is a prime area for blind spots. By traveling in the right lane, drivers eliminate those blind spots and make for much safer travel.

Stay Distraction Free

Hands free devices do not mean drivers are always distraction free. A hands free device equipped with voice recognition texting and talking on the phone without actually holding the device does not mean a driver’s full attention is on the road. Conversations can distract drivers so it is important to focus on the road, especially when you are using a hands free device.

Safety Starts the Night Before

The safety of any truck driver starts the night before your next haul. Staying up late into the night before you start a trip is never a good idea. Make sure you get a good deal of sleep since fatigue could be very detrimental to you and other drivers. And if you have any kind of cold, be very mindful of what medications you are taking as some will cause drowsiness. This applies to many other medications as well.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Requirements Needed to Obtain a CDL

Most CDL trucking jobs can be very rewarding. For the right person it can be a wonderful, life-changing opportunity but this career must be kicked off by obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Acquiring a CDL is not as simple as making a few right hand turns or passing a basic driving test. There is a process involved as drivers must meet certain requirements, which are as follows.

Pass a physical

Drivers do not need to be able to run a marathon, although they will be expected to pass certain medical tests. For example, they will need to show they do not have sleep apnea or blood sugar level that exceeds 200. Other conditions which could negate a CDL, and ultimately a CDL driving job, include a hernia or cardiac and cardiovascular issues. Blood pressure must also be at a certain level as those who show a BP reading of 180/110 or higher will be disqualified. When the physical is passed, drivers will receive a medical DOT card.

Choose a CDL Class

There are three different types of CDLs drivers can apply for and those three classes are as follows:
·         Class A – Allows drivers to operate vehicles with a GCWR of 26,001 as long as the vehicle the driver is towing exceeds 10,000 pounds.
·         Class B – Permits drivers to drive a vehicle that has a GVWR that exceeds 26,001 pounds.
·         Class C – Allows drivers to operate 16-passenger vans as well as a vehicle that holds hazardous materials.

Add Endorsements

Getting a CDL can be the first step for drivers as there are other endorsements that can follow. This will allow drivers to have a wider range of capabilities when it comes to what kind of vehicles they can operate. There is additional testing and if passed, drivers will be able to operate vehicles such as tanks, school buses and double or triple tractor trailers.

Driver Training

Some trucking companies are responsible for training new drivers while there are also schools and programs that specialize in driver training. Training requirements differ from state to state as drivers must log a certain amount of training hours before they are permitted to transport cargo on their own.

Background checks

Before obtaining a CDL, a driver’s history will be examined. Things are taken a step further when it comes to being able to transport hazardous materials. For that specification, drivers must undergo a background check conducted by the FBI and must also be fingerprinted.

If you already have two years’ experience with your Commercial Driver’s License and are looking for a new trucking career, TG Stegall Trucking Co is always hiring. The T.G. Stegall brand is known for its excellent pay and great benefits while also creating a family feel that drivers can enjoy.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

Trucking jobs can mean a good deal of pay for CDL drivers. That pay can be even more lucrative by managing a budget while out on the road. Here are some helpful money saving tips truck drivers can use to their advantage.
healthy cut fruit ready to eat, close up of bowl of fruit

Eat For the Right Price

flat bread sandwich, healthy food, healthy eating, homemade deli sandwich, food for truckers, food for truck driversFast food may be ready in a hurry, but it will drain your pockets just as quickly. One way to avoid this type of diet is to purchase a portable refrigerator. This will allow truckers to stock up on food at stores that offer much more reasonable prices than fast food chains or truck stops. Putting a power inverter inside a truck will also let drivers use a microwave or coffee maker each day.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Most NC truck driving jobs require logging miles out on the road, there is not always going to be free Wi-Fi available. Those are the moments when drivers must rely on their 3G connection, but using that too much could boost monthly phone bills significantly. Wherever there is free Wi-Fi, take advantage of it and plan nightly stops around places that offer this service.

Use Automatic Bill Pays

A busy week on the road may cause drivers to forget about a monthly bill or two. Neglecting to pay that bill on time could result in late fees, which means more money out of a driver’s pocket. Setting up an automatic bill pay is fast, easy and convenient while saving both time and money.

Avoid Cash Advances

Some companies provide cash advances that will allow drivers to withdraw some money from their upcoming paycheck. However, there are often fees associated with these advances that can stretch as high as $20 per withdrawal. Avoiding these advances means more money down the line.

Look For CDL Discounts

Some restaurants and hotels offer CDL discounts, even though they might not advertise it publicly. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a discounted rate that comes with just flashing a CDL.

saving money, piggy bank savings, saving money on the road, tips for truckers, truck drivers, OTR drivers

Odds And Ends

Bringing enough clothing for a trip will save on laundry costs while signing up for driver rewards programs also has its perks. But savings can be even more basic as every penny counts. Drinking water is a healthier and cheaper option than drinking soda or juice over the course of a day. Some studies have even shown that approximately 37% of participants had commonly mistaken hunger for thirst. Next time your stomach gurgles between means reach for water instead of a snack.

T.G. Stegall Trucking Co. helps its drivers along with more than just competitive pay. The T.G. Stegall team creates a productive working environment by helping its drivers with all kinds of useful tips they can use on the road. For the best in Charlotte truck driving jobs, contact T.G. Stegall today.



Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Plenty of Trucking Jobs on the Open Road

The current economy has affected a lot of different areas. Although job opportunities remain in high demand in the trucking industry. There is a current driver shortage that is estimated to be between 35,000 to 40,000 nationwide, according to a 2015 report released by the ATA (American Truckers Association).

One of the main problems as to why there are so many open jobs is due to lower wages offered for CDL driving jobs. The demand is there, although many companies have been unable to meet the needs of its drivers. Not every hour of the day is spent on the open road as drivers are not always compensated for the hours they spend sitting in traffic jams, scaling a load or performing circle checks. That does not mean all trucking companies do not provide adequate compensation to its drivers.
According to the US Board of Labor Statistics, the top 10% of U.S. truck drivers earn more than $58,000 per year. The key for drivers may just lie in finding the right company.
The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for truck driver jobs. Some drivers are able to acquire jobs even before they graduate from their respective training programs. However, the problem with a lot of the younger generation is that trucking is not among the most popular careers. A recent study conducted by CNBC News showed that the top seven career choices among 18-24 year olds are in the fields of technology, energy, health care, communications, manufacturing, financial services and retail.

Meanwhile, many people in those aforementioned fields are underpaid and overworked, especially when they begin at an entry level position. Jumping into the trucking industry offers ample opportunity to earn a steady income. Pay varies by state, ranging from $40,000 to $68,000 per year in salary. Hawaii and Alaska are at the bottom of that range while Mississippi came out on top.

Job turnover remains high and while there are plenty of reasons for that turnover, it also means more opportunities for drivers. There also looks to be more and more job opportunities open in the future as estimates continue to project more and more job openings.

If you are looking for a career in the trucking industry, T G Stegall Trucking Co. can provide you with an ideal opportunity. Combining excellent pay, benefits and scheduling, there is a bright future on the open road paved with possibility.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Technology Can Be a Truck Driver’s Best Friend

All the advances in technology can make life on the road much easier, safer and more enjoyable for truck drivers. Finding the most helpful types of modern technology can provide an ample amount of benefits. Here’s a look at some of the technology that could prove to be your best friend on your next OTR truck driving job.

App store on Apple, finding charlotte truck driving jobs
App store displaying on an Apple mobile device.

Mobile Friendly Companions

CB radios have been replaced by mobile phones which can serve a variety of functions for truckers. They do more than just allow truck drivers to communicate. There are many helpful Apps, such as calorie counting Apps which can help truckers maintain a healthier diet. The GasBuddy App helps out with gas by notifying the driver of the cheapest gas prices around. Paying less at the pump can add up over the course of a trip. On downtime or between trucking jobs entertainment can be found in movies, videos, music, e-books and games all available on mobile devices through Apps. These are just a few examples of the many Apps that could benefit truckers.

Monitoring For Safety

Trucking companies can increase safety with new on-board monitoring technology that continually updates a trucker’s status. The Ryder company has introduced its version of this feature, known as RydeSmart. Some truckers may be skeptical in regards to this kind of monitoring as they may feel it is an invasion of their privacy. However, it promotes safety which leads to better driving. Regardless of individual opinion, this technology aims to enhance safety for all drivers.

Connect With Family Members and Friends

One of the drawbacks of being a truck driver is having to spend time away from family members and others you care about. With a wide variety of mobile apps like Face Time, and Skype, truckers can connect with their families and friends every day. This continues to make long days on the road much more tolerable. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter also help keep truckers connected.

More Ways to Benefit

GPS systems can alert truckers to traffic patterns and could keep a driver from spending hours in bumper to bumper traffic. Weather Apps are another basic tool that can prove very useful on any truck driving job, alerting a driver to severe conditions so they may plan accordingly.  Many trucks are also equipped with PeopleNet, which can diagnose problems with a simple call from the driver.

Most importantly, a driver will need to be able to find their next truck driving job. T.G. Stegall has years of experience and is considered to be the top trucking company in Charlotte. That is why they have made it easier to find local truck driving jobs in Charlotte NC with a mobile responsive website. This means its just as easy on a mobile device as it is on a desktop to look for trucker jobs. Customers and drivers continue to benefit from the ongoing commitment to excellence provided by the professionals at T.G. Stegall. Visit for more.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

As Trucking Stocks Dip, the Demand for Truck Drivers Rises

The trucking industry continues to experience an ebb and flow and that applies a great deal to trucking stocks. A good number of trucking stocks have been on the decline over the last year, but that does not mean that the trucking jobs in Charlotte are on the decline. 

Many major trucking stocks slipped in the month of April of 2016 after seeing as much of an 8% rise through the month of March. April marked the bidding season and shippers were winning out, meaning that contract bids were lower for shipping companies. But that does not mean there are a lack of orders to be filled and lots of freight to be hauled.

The demand for CDL driving jobs is still at a high as many companies are still looking to fill a multitude of positions. T.G. Stegall Trucking  is among those companies with immediate openings.

The continual need for truckers has not been affected by the slip in trucking stocks. T.G. Stegall’s day-to-day business is proof of that as the company continues to negotiate contracts with shippers. And that does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon.

One of the reasons for this constant influx of business is the retail market, which is always busy. And with so much retail business now being conducted online, the higher the demand grows for the delivery of goods.

Just take one look around your home and consider mostly every item was inside of a truck at one time or another. Even the materials used to build your home most likely found themselves in a truck before they would become a part of your home. So as long as business continues in the American marketplace, truck drivers will always be needed.

T.G. Stegall Trucking NC has been able to develop relationships with a long line of businesses, thus ensuring its drivers plenty of opportunities moving forward. And the more the demand grows, the higher the pay will be for drivers. Even if a recession hits America, there will still be a need for the buying of goods, which means someone will need to transport all those goods.

If you are looking for a truck driver job with competitive pay and great benefits, T.G. Stegall Trucking has a position for you. For the best local truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC, contact T.G. Stegall today.


Friday, December 14, 2018

The Must-Haves In A Truck Driving Job

Different trucking companies offer different perks. There’s a difference when it comes to trucking jobs as some companies make life a whole lot easier for their drivers. Here’s a look at some things drivers should look for in a trucking company.

Home Time

This could be a deal breaker for many drivers. A policy on home time specifies how long truckers are expected to be out on the road before turning home. Those with families might not want to sign on with companies that expect their drivers to be on the road for most of the year. Find out right away about a company’s stance on home time policy.

Auxiliary Power Units

Also referred to as APUs, these can make a huge difference for truckers. Trucks that are equipped with APUs provide power for heating and cooling along with small appliances like a small refrigerator and a microwave. These things could make overnight stops much more pleasant as truckers will be more comfortable when it’s time to take a break from the road.

Age of Trucks

Newer trucks offer more reliability, which could mean much less downtime out on the road. Newer trucks also provide more comfort and do more for a driver than just comply with the latest required regulations. An older fleet of trucks may also be emblematic of the way a company does business. Staying on top of safety standards and offering the latest technology is one way to show a company cares about its drivers.

Rider Policy

Many trucking companies allow for drivers to take a rider along with them. This may not be important to most drivers, although some find it very important. Some companies will initiate age restrictions, insurance requirements, health standards and certain time intervals allotted for trips. Finding the right rider policy could be key in finding the right fit among the vast amount of CDL driving jobs.

Freight Lanes

A company’s freight lanes determine a driver’s route. This is basically the area between the shipper and consignee. If you live in Charlotte and a job calls for a freight lane that runs through Detroit, then that may not be the job for you. Freight lanes are an important component to all trucker jobs as it essentially defines where a driver will be traveling to and from.

T.G. Stegall goes out if its way to make CDL truck driving jobs as safe and comfortable for its drivers as possible while also providing great benefits and time for your family. When it comes to a truck driver job in Charlotte, T.G. Stegall is a place that has proven to put their drivers first.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Truck Driving Jobs Remain in High Demand

One look out on any major highway will signify that there is still an abundance of opportunities for truck drivers. There is no shortage of trucks out on the road, which means there are plenty of jobs to be had by truckers. The field continually proves to be one that provides an ample amount of work for Americans of all ages.

CDL truck driving jobs
CDL truck drivers take a rest before the next job
According to the U.S. Labor Board, the trucking industry added 2,400 new jobs in January of 2015 as it continues to be one of the most sought-after occupations in the realm of transportation. That trend is also showing no signs of slowing down.

By the year 2020, the demand for commercial truck drivers is expected to increase by 21%, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even in the midst of a struggling economy, truck driving jobs are widely available.

One of the reasons that has led to this trend is a growing demand among American consumers. While many people claim to be victimized by harsh economic times, there is still a demand when it comes to all types of products and services. Americans just keep on spending, which is good news for drivers.

Having to replace older drivers is also something that continues every year in the United States. The U.S. Labor Board reported that the average age of American drivers is now 55. With many drivers on the brink of retirement, younger drivers are much more in demand.

Shortages among CDL truck driving jobs have also been cause for lots of new job openings. This shortage has worked to the advantage of drivers as many companies are offering incentives to new drivers.

 In 2015, there has also been an increase in rate per mile among drivers. In the first quarter of 2015, there has been an 8.1% increase in the rate per mile. The shortage of drivers has meant more money in the pockets of the those individuals who already hold a truck driver job.

There are plenty of good reasons why CDL driving jobs are a good plan for the future. T.G. Stegall Trucking Company Charlotte can lead drivers towards that future with opportunities that can truly make a difference in their lives. Driving trucks on the open road is an occupation that is showing no signs of slowing down regardless of what happens with the economy.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ways For Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy on the Road

Long days on the road can make it difficult for truck drivers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are certain areas of one’s health to consider when taking on all trucking jobs. Here’s a look at some problem areas and ways for drivers to protect themselves from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Protection from the sun
trucking jobs

Exposure to the sun is unavoidable in all CDL truck driving jobs. Even when a driver does not feel the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they are still there, even during the winter. Temperatures may be low, although the sun’s ultraviolet rays still penetrate the inside of a truck. When there is snow on the ground, it is just as dangerous since the snow actually reflects sunlight.

Cloud covers also do very little to protect drivers from UV rays. However, there are ways for drivers to protect themselves. Using sunscreen all year around will protect your skin during the daytime hours and sunglasses will keep UV rays from harming your eyes. There are also UV shields that can be installed on truck windshields for added protection.

Mind your meals

It’s easy to reach for whatever is by the counter at a truck stop. Most times, the foods that are the most readily available are some of the worst kinds for your body. Junk food may seem like an easy and quick fix for truckers. However, junk food and fast food lack the good kind of carbohydrates and contain very little protein. The effect of these foods causes a drop in blood sugar after eating which can result in feelings of fatigue and moodiness along with an immediate craving for sugar.

Eating this way also leads to higher levels of obesity. Since trucking jobs require drivers to be off their feet for most of the day, there is more of a need to be mindful of what they eat. Wal-Mart stores and large grocery stores are better stops to find healthier foods and they also offer plenty of parking for trucks. Drinking lots of water is another part of a healthy, daily diet.

Cover the essentials

Every night, people are required to sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep will not only allow truckers to focus better, but it will also make for healthier living. If you are having trouble sleeping, try using a noise machine or downloading an App with sounds that promote easier sleep.

Also, try to get out of your truck and exercise a little bit each day. The Center for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. That equates to a little more than 20 minutes per day of something like taking a brisk walk. Keeping your body right takes a little bit of dedication, discipline and settling into a healthy routine.

T.G. Stegall offers CDL driving jobs based out of Charlotte and can be your next step towards a brighter future. If you are looking for a truck driver job that is right for you, contact our team of professionals today.


Monday, September 17, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Trucker Apps

An abundance of mobile apps have made life easier on truck drivers and continue to help them over the course of their workdays. However, some apps can also be counterproductive toward your trucking jobs. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of trucker phone apps.

One of the benefits of these apps is they have been able to enhance the client-provider relationship by establishing an ongoing connection. These apps could even lead to trucking companies downgrading their reliance on the middle men in charge of communication. That could have its pros and cons.

It is no secret that the more advanced technology becomes, the more capabilities are available to truckers and trucking companies. These capabilities allow independent truckers to discover cargo in areas that are rather unfamiliar to them, which could decrease their amount of empty returns.

Trucker Apps can also reduce the number of people on trips. A single driver equipped with an app can make runs without having to rely on another person. This style of app is similar to an Uber type of service. While it may seem to provide convenience, there are inherent risks involved that come from relying solely on technology for booking truck driving jobs.

Contracts between shipper and Charlotte trucking company have long since existed and spell out every last responsibility. These contracts are also ways of enhancing customer satisfaction. Without those lengthy contracts, it is basically a roll of the dice when it comes to who is hired to haul a load.

However, there are beneficial trucking apps that do not attempt to reinvent the trucking industry. Electronic logbooks, editable logs, cheap fuel finders and violation alerts are just a few of the conveniences provided by a wide array of trucker apps. These apps serve the purpose of providing a trucker with more tools out on the open road. And as long as they are managed responsibly, they can all be a tremendous benefit.

With the advent of new technology, there is still the need for manpower when it comes to truck driving jobs. The business of driving doesn’t look to be changing and the successful way trucking companies have always operated look to continue. That means delivering customer satisfaction with the help of apps and not developing a reliance upon them.

T.G. Stegall Trucking still relies on drivers to meet the demand of all the CDL truck driving jobs it has to offer. For the best trucking Jobs Charlotte has to offer, contact TG Stegall Trucking Company today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Truck Driving: A Peek into the Fulfilling Life of A Trucker

In the United States alone, some 3.5 million truck drivers are tasked to complete a critical aspect of doing business: logistics. Driving across the country, they are employed by 1.2 million companies that operate a total of 15.5 million trucks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that within 2012 and 2022, there will be more trucking job vacancies given the rise in demand for goods and transport. Consequently, heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver hiring, in particular, is expected to be up by about 11%.

Deluxe Truck Driving Perks, Anyone?

As with any other profession, truck driving requires passion and dedication. If long hours on the road sounds like a promising enterprise, then CDL Truck Driving Jobs will certainly satisfy your needs – and you get the fantastic perks that come with it, too! Anyone looking into a career in truck driving is in for these great upsides of the job:

A sense of independence and flexibility. Truck driving as an occupation practically promotes the idea of being independent. While being responsible for meeting certain job requirements such as safety and delivery schedules, for the larger part of the journey, Truck Drivers ensure proper time management on their own terms. There are schedules, orders or instructions from dispatch that truckers are expected to follow through, but they practically go out on their own to get the job done.

The big truck is a big attraction. Many find driving extremely appealing – and getting behind the wheel of a massive truck all the more so. They can’t get enough of the raw, powerful engine roar that is music to the ears. To them, it is both enjoyable and relaxing to be around the equipment, and driving this majestic mountain of machinery for days is simply the icing on the cake. If this sounds like you then CDL Driving Jobs may be a great fit.

Cruising the open highway is a glorious experience. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to say they enjoy the job because they love being on the road. In fact, many truck drivers have come to embrace the demands of their work as a fulfilling experience – and for all the right reasons: the lovely scenery, the interesting people they meet, and the freedom the experience brings. Each day is a different adventure, and it certainly keeps life interesting.

The job pays well.

Some long haul truckers are happier about long travels and even call it “paid vacation.” They get to see different parts of the country throughout their journey and get a decent wage for it. As a smart truck driver, you should know that working for highly regarded trucking companies can possibly open the door for great pay with great benefits.

Drive for a Reputable Trucking Company in Charlotte NC

Here at T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in Charlotte welcomes truck drivers for their nationwide trucking and transportation service for manufactured goods, as well as refrigeration, waste management, and storage services. Now on its 65th year in the industry, T.G. Stegall has remained compliant with state laws on giving their drivers the best compensation and benefits.

Striving to be the top in truck driving employment in Charlotte, the family owned business is known for offering competitive pay per mile rates and excellent perks – all while giving their drivers weekends to spend with their family.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

The Realities of Truck Driving and Texting

Texting and driving is a serious problem that affects drivers of all kinds. Different states have different penalties for this violation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also stepped in, imposing stiffer penalties for truck drivers who are caught texting while driving. T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in Charlotte shares some facts on the importance of safety on the road.

The FMCSA has prohibited texting and driving in all commercial motor vehicles. Texting is defined as typing or reading from an electronic device while driving. This not only applies to phone text messaging, but also pertains to emails, instant messages and accessing a web page.

Drivers are only permitted to press down one button for the purpose of ending or starting a phone call. The reason for these safety measures is backed up by extensive research regarding the dangers of texting and driving.

According to a 2009 study conducted at Virginia Tech, truck drivers find themselves at a risk of an accident 23.2 times greater when texting. The study also found that a truck driver who simply dialed a cell phone while driving puts himself at a risk of an accident that is 5.9 times higher than a non-distracted driver. Meanwhile, the accident risk factor for truck drivers who reached for a cell phone while driving is 6.7 times higher.

Because of the great danger involved with texting and driving, truckers face severe penalties. An offense can even result in a driver being disqualified. An initial offense can carry as much as a four-month disqualification while multiple offenses can result in a permanent disqualification.

Drivers are not the only ones who are eligible to be fined as Charlotte trucking companies can also be fined if they permit or require drivers to text while driving. Fines for drivers check in at $2,700 while fines for trucking companies stretch as high as $11,000.

The risks of texting and driving are obvious, but they are magnified when operating a large truck. Truckers who use a dispatching device while driving are also subject to the same penalties as that provides a heightened risk to everyone on the roadways. Because this type of texting is not differentiated from cell phone texting, they are considered one in the same.

T.G. Stegall Trucking is committed to safe driving for every one of its CDL driving jobs. T.G. Stegall also offers great pay and excellent benefits as part of its many Charlotte trucking jobs. If you are looking for a bright future in the trucking industry, contact T.G. Stegall today about one of its CDL truck driving jobs.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Truck Stop Alternatives: The Best Places for Truckers to Stop For the Night

It is a given that a truck stop is the most ideal place for truckers to park for the night. However, some of those truck stops can fill up for the night rather quickly and there are other occasions when the nearest truck stop is too far away. What is a trucker to do then?

The reason why there is often a shortage of open spots at most truck stops is because of the constant growth of the trucking industry. More drivers are needed every year as the demand for the transportation of goods continues to grow. That means trucking companies like TG Stegall Trucking Co are always increasing their personnel, although truck stops are not running out to accommodate that growing demand.

Many truckers wind up spending a good deal of time at night actually searching for a spot for the night. This is time that could be could be used for some well-deserved rest. As a result, many truck drivers wind up parking on off-ramps or behind a shopping center. Both of those areas are risky and can expose truckers to unwanted dangers. Furthermore, parking on an exit ramp is against the law, although police are not so quick to write tired truckers any tickets for this.

Remember, safety first:

Truckers who are in need of a rest should check a local parking lot of a large superstore, such as Wal-Mart, where parking is free for truckers. It’s also a good place to buy some food at reasonable prices.

Rest areas are another popular stopping spot, although many of those spots can get filled up during the night. However, keep in mind that some states frown upon this and could even tell truckers to leave. For the most part, rest areas are a safe bet.

Some restaurants also permit truckers to park overnight, but it is a good idea to call ahead and get permission first. Another option is parking for the night at your delivery site. Once again, this will require permission, but it provides a safe, familiar place where truckers can get some much-needed rest. The best areas to park for the night are always well-lit and accessible.

T.G. Stegall Trucking offers Charlotte truck driving jobs that will have drivers back home by sundown. There are also longer routes across the state as T.G. Stegall provides all kinds of truck driver jobs. For a bright future, contact T.G. Stegall and inquire about one of its many quality CDL Driving jobs.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Plenty of Opportunity for Women Truck Drivers

The life of a truck driver is one that is not just relegated to men. Women are also taking on truck driver jobs and making it their profession. The movement is growing as women are steadily settling in behind the wheel of a big rig. Here is some information from T.G. Stegall Trucking in Charlotte about the ongoing growing demand for more truckers. At the end of last year, the American Truckers Association estimated that there was a nationwide shortage of more than 47,000 truck drivers.

However, just 6% of truckers in the United States are females, according to the U.S. Department of labor. That means opportunity is widespread for women looking for trucker jobs throughout the United States.

While some men may feel a little threatened by women truck drivers, most men are generally eager to cater to women. That means getting a helping hand could be significantly easier for women than it is for men. Men are usually more prone to answer questions from women as well. So women drivers can count on some form of assistance if it is ever needed out on the road.

That does not mean that women are going to steer completely clear of discrimination in what is a male-dominated field. Nevertheless, women’s rights are being recognized and protected. In January of 2016, a federal court granted the appeal of a Pittsburgh woman who was suing her Connecticut-based trucking company for discrimination based on her gender.

There are also activists who have stepped up for women’s rights in the trucking industry. Real Women in Trucking is a group that was formed in 2010 and granted trade association status in 2013. Its mission is to raise awareness for women drivers and also connect them with quality CDL driving jobs. That network has also made it easier for new female drivers to find female support as the group has quickly expanded.

The bottom line is that the demands of the trucking industry extends to drivers, with no specification to gender or race. Coincidentally, 38.6% of truckers are minorities, according to the American Truckers Association’s 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis.

That number has risen 12 percentage points since 2001 and if that trend remains consistent, the percentage of women should rise in the future as well.

T.G. Stegall Trucking offers excellent trucking jobs in Charlotte, NC for men and women. An equal opportunity employer, T.G. Stegall Trucking provides a top-notch opportunity for eager drivers who are looking to make the most out of their futures.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fuel Cards are a Benefit in the Trucking Industry

Buying fuel is an inevitable part of all NC trucking jobs. Keeping costs down is also the goal of every driver and trucking company. Fuel cards make life easier on both parties and here is a closer look at how the use of fuel cards can save money, time and provide an extra measure of security. 


Just about every fuel stop across the country accepts fuel cards. In addition to convenience, most fuel cards provide a lot of discounts. That could be as little as a couple of cents all the way up to a quarter off every gallon of fuel you purchase. The transaction fees are also minimal and some fuel cards have no transaction fees at all. 

More Data

Swiping a normal credit card at the fuel pump will send out some basic information in the billing statement. It will state when and where the purchase was made and for how much. Using a fuel card will ask drivers to enter their driver identification as well as provide an odometer reading. This helps with company accounting and makes managing the fleet a whole lot easier. It also makes calculating fuel expenses easier for drivers.

Added Security

Since the use of a fuel card requires a driver ID to be entered, there is an added measure of security not available when using credit cards. Higher level fleet managers are the only other ones with access to that information and can easily cancel the fuel card in the event that it is lost or stolen.  T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in NC wants to ensure the safety of all their drivers. An added bonus is that drivers can free from the worry of having to carry cash and expose themselves to the possibility of being robbed. 


With fuel cards, drivers will not be responsible to sort out cash or credit card fuel payments, which makes stopping for fuel a much easier process. There can also be time limits set on fuel cards as well as specific purchase hours. There is even the option to set weekly limits on how many gallons of fuel can be purchased. This allows the fleet to manage expenses a little easier.

T.G. Stegall Trucking has become the leading Charlotte trucking company, offering excellent pay and great benefits. If you are looking for an exciting career behind the wheel, take advantage of one of the best local truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC by contacting T.G. Stegall Trucking today. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How Truckers Can Stay Fit on the Road

Truck driving is not a job that offers unlimited physical fitness opportunities. In fact, it is just the opposite as truckers are confined to a seated position for much of the day. However, there are ways truckers can continue to stay fit while out on the open road. Here are some tips from T.G. Stegall Trucking Co. of Charlotte to keep fit on the road!

No Need for a Gym

Truck drivers don’t need to go to a gym every day to stay fit. There are plenty of exercises they can do without weights, some of which can be done in a truck. Isometric exercises can be done in a seated position. Try doing shoulder shrugs to ease shoulder tension. Raise your shoulders up past your ears and keep them there for about ten seconds before releasing and repeating.

Abdominal squeezes can be done by tightening your stomach muscles as though you are trying to touch your ribs and stomach. Contract and hold the position momentarily before sitting up straight again. Repeating throughout the day will improve your core strength.

Move When You Stop

Who says that when you stop driving you have to go sit down somewhere and relax? When your drive time is over, get out and go for a walk or a run. It is a great way to explore different areas and it also helps get your heart rate going, which also helps to release endorphins.

If you are parked somewhere that does not offer scenic routes to walk or run, try doing laps around your truck. Jumping rope is another way to get your cardio in and it can be done right outside your truck. It is important to be part of a Charlotte trucking company that cares about your overall health.

Sleep Tight

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for staying fit. Out on the road, truckers may be tempted to use sleep aids to help them get a night’s rest. Using such methods will not make for quality sleep as truckers will find they need more coffee to make it through the day.

Try getting into a routine and going to bed the same time every night. The right amount of sleep can help lessen stress levels and also play an important role in managing your weight. Increased activity will also help truckers fall asleep naturally and get a better quality of rest.

If you are in the market for a truck driver job, look to T.G. Stegall Trucking for the top CDL driving jobs in Charlotte, NC. With great pay and excellent benefits, our trucking jobs offer a wealth of possibilities to drivers. Contact T.G. Stegall Trucking and start your future today.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Trucking Effects of Falling Fuel Costs

It does not take a whole lot of investigation to see that fuel prices are dipping in NC and  all over the country. That means paying less at the pump, which has an impact on both trucking companies as well as drivers. Here’s a look at some of the effects of falling fuel costs in the Charlotte trucking company industry.  

Better Surcharge on 30-Day Terms

It is important for truckers to keep an eye on their fuel surcharge as they continually fluctuate. Many truckers get paid for 30-day terms which means the surcharge may be more when they agree to terms. So if they agree on terms for a fixed surcharge and fuel prices dip, they stand to make a little extra cash. It is when fuel prices rise that drivers tend to lose out on the deal. The more fuel prices fall, the better it is for drivers to agree to 30-day terms. T G Stegall Trucking Co. in Charlotte offers a variety of options during the hiring process.

More Work to Go Around

The time period after the holidays is generally a slower time in the trucking industry. However, lower fuel costs are causing more shippers to return to trucking. Low fuel cost is a way for businesses to trim their expenses. This has forced a lot of businesses to shy away from rail and turn to freight in order to save money. 

Smaller Companies Survive

Operating expenses are down during times when fuel costs are low, which means that smaller trucking companies are able to stay in business. This can be both a good and bad thing. It allows for a smaller business to survive, but companies that are not run very well can also stay afloat. More capacity for those smaller companies could also lower rates, which could have a negative overall effect on truck driving jobs. 

Owner Operator Advantage

The owner operator is always eager to pay less at the pump. Controlling fuel costs is a major part of how the owner operator makes his living. Now that fuel costs are low, more owner operators are out on the road, which floods the trucking industry with more competition. Bigger trucking companies now have to contend with smaller operations as well as owner operators and that makes for a more competitive field. 

T.G. Stegall Trucking offers CDL driving jobs that include excellent pay and great benefits. If you are a looking for a truck driving job that can change your future, contact T.G. Stegall Trucking for the top Charlotte trucking jobs around.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Checklist for Becoming a Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver is unlike a lot of other professions as there is a lot to look forward to in a career behind the wheel of a large truck. However, the life of a trucker is not for everyone. Here is a checklist from T.G. Stegall Trucking Charlotte that can help prospective drivers looking to break into this profession.

Love of Driving

You could be behind the wheel for long stretches of time, so you have to enjoy driving. If not, a driver can quickly grow to be very irritable and start to despise the job. Also, drivers who get bored early into a drive might not want to consider this line of work.


Truck drivers are not always extended the utmost amount of courtesy from other drivers. Getting upset with every driver who cuts in front of you could make for a long and stressful workday. There can also be a good deal of waiting around between loads, at truck stops and even in traffic. Patience is often a driver’s best friend.

No Drugs or Alcohol

This is kind of self-explanatory, although if you are inclined to use drugs and alcohol, then driving a truck is probably not how you should make a living. There is just too much at risk.

Comfortable with Solitude

Some hauls will keep drivers by themselves for extensive periods of time. If you are someone who cannot handle being alone, then it’s not a good idea to sign up for any CDL truck driving job.

Safety Minded

There are a lot of safety precautions to take when driving a large truck. If these measures are not taken, a truck could prove to be dangerous to everyone out on the open road. Attention to detail and the willingness to double check equipment are common practices of any good driver.

Average Physical Shape

You don’t have to be a powerlifter or marathon runner to be a truck driver, although the job can require moving around some freight and climbing on the equipment. The inability to do any physical labor could severely limit a driver. Being in average shape is adequate enough to meet the demands of most trucker jobs.

When it’s time to find your next truck driver job, contact the T.G. Stegall Trucking Company. Considered to be one of the top Charlotte trucking jobs, a career at T.G. Stegall could open up a world of possibilities with excellent pay and great benefits to all new drivers.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Realities of Team Driving

Some CDL driving jobs allow drivers to pair up for trips. This is commonly referred to as a team driving and there are both pros and cons that come with this option. Here is a closer look into the realities of team driving.

Rules are pretty much the same for team drivers as they are for individual drivers and they have been put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There are other rules to consider as team drivers are allowed to count just two hours riding in the passenger seat as being off duty.

One thing that team drivers should be able to do is sleep in a moving truck. The inability to get a decent amount of sleep in a moving truck will make drivers groggy and they will not be as alert as they could be when it is their turn behind the wheel. That could quickly become very dangerous.

There are parts of trucking jobs that become easier with a team member. Backing up into tight spots is always easier when someone outside of the truck to guide you in. Meanwhile, simple things like having someone there for conversation is an added bonus. Cell phone laws prohibit talking so having someone in the passenger seat can make time go by a lot quicker.

However, co-existing with someone in such close quarters is not always easy. Drivers have to be mindful of cleanliness, compromise and respecting someone else.

With many companies, team drivers get paid more per mile and are more of a priority when it comes to dispatching. There also plenty of incentives that accompany team driving.

It is not uncommon for married couples to team up on hauls. That dynamic is a lot like making a marriage work as it requires respect, communication and understanding. Some spouses embrace the idea as a way to spend more time together while other drivers prefer the solitude that comes with driving alone.

Team driving could bring about problems such as having to deal with a backseat driver and other seemingly minor issues. However, there are a lot of benefits that even extend to health issues. Drivers can avoid falling into bouts of depression or loneliness while also earning more money in a team setting.

The T.G. Stegall Trucking Company offers CDL driving jobs that include great benefits, flexible hours and excellent pay. Charlotte trucking jobs have never been better as T.G. Stegall provides a pathway towards a bright future.

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