Monday, February 23, 2015

T.G. Stegall Preps New Truck Fleet for New Era of Local, National, CDL Trucking Jobs and Trucker Services in Charlotte, NC

CHARLOTTE, NC, Feb. 23, 2015 -- After 60 years of success, the T.G.Stegall Trucking Company family has begun ushering in a new age of trucking opportunities in North Carolina, and nationwide; allowing for an updated interpretation of the truck driver role by providing them the opportunity they need to be home with their family.

Making it to the most elite and experienced trucking companies in Charlotte, NC, T.G. Stegall lives by its mantra “to go above and beyond what customers expect.” Having been around longer than most other trucking service companies in the city, the company has come to be the trusted provider of an extensive range of transport services. Throughout its six-decade run as a business, T.G. Stegall has seen and gone through the many significant changes that widely impact the industry.

Data recently compiled by the American Trucking Association point to the labor shortage as one of the industry’s current hurdles, as it expects to fill some 240,000 vacancies by 2020. This analysis runs parallel with information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicating that in the next 10 years, demand for truck drivers will nearly double, resulting to about 2.76 million in 2022 from just 1.44 million in 2014.

Today, truck driving continues to thrive as one of America’s most dominant jobs, with a majority of drivers working full-time – whith the clamor for a better work environment continuing to strengthen. T.G. Stegall recognizes that now more than ever, truckers are increasingly becoming family oriented. They are more concerned about benefits and time home with their family than hours spent on the road.

As one of Charlotte’s leading trucking service providers, T.G. Stegall rises up to the challenge. Finding and keeping suitably skilled or well-trained truck drivers, adhering to shifts in labor regulations, and ensuring a competitive scale of pays and benefits take top priorities, enabling the company to adapt to the evolving business landscape.

“In order to retain good truckers, you have to be ahead of the curve,” said Gene Stegall, vice president at T.G. Stegall. “Our truckers are our family,” he added, underscoring that this principle is of prime importance to a company that has built its name “on the strength of family.”

T.G. Stegall is currently polishing up a new fleet of trucks to ensure optimized transport services. And while at it, the company is set on offering an ever-strengthening family oriented approach to employment for anew generation of jobs for truck drivers. Some benefits enjoyed by T.G. Stegall drivers include:

  • Drivers are allowed time to be home virtually every week.
  • Layover and stop-off pay provided
  • Competitive per diem allowance is provided.
  • The company honors the Quarterly Safety Bonus.
  • Direct Deposit option is available.
  • Company-Paid Health Insurance is provided for the employee; with benefits for spouse and dependents available with life and dental coverage.
  • Paid holidays and vacations, as mandated by the law.

Gene reiterated: “We offer weekends home with family, competitive pay rates, consistent routes, top tier benefits and flexible scheduling to all of our drivers. We put our truckers first and do everything we can to ensure that they will have a long and successful career with T.G. Stegall.”

T.G. Stegall can also offer local routes as well as driver assignments that stretch across the United States, implementing pay-per-mile terms at competitive rates.

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