Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Realities of Team Driving

Some CDL driving jobs allow drivers to pair up for trips. This is commonly referred to as a team driving and there are both pros and cons that come with this option. Here is a closer look into the realities of team driving.

Rules are pretty much the same for team drivers as they are for individual drivers and they have been put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There are other rules to consider as team drivers are allowed to count just two hours riding in the passenger seat as being off duty.

One thing that team drivers should be able to do is sleep in a moving truck. The inability to get a decent amount of sleep in a moving truck will make drivers groggy and they will not be as alert as they could be when it is their turn behind the wheel. That could quickly become very dangerous.

There are parts of trucking jobs that become easier with a team member. Backing up into tight spots is always easier when someone outside of the truck to guide you in. Meanwhile, simple things like having someone there for conversation is an added bonus. Cell phone laws prohibit talking so having someone in the passenger seat can make time go by a lot quicker.

However, co-existing with someone in such close quarters is not always easy. Drivers have to be mindful of cleanliness, compromise and respecting someone else.

With many companies, team drivers get paid more per mile and are more of a priority when it comes to dispatching. There also plenty of incentives that accompany team driving.

It is not uncommon for married couples to team up on hauls. That dynamic is a lot like making a marriage work as it requires respect, communication and understanding. Some spouses embrace the idea as a way to spend more time together while other drivers prefer the solitude that comes with driving alone.

Team driving could bring about problems such as having to deal with a backseat driver and other seemingly minor issues. However, there are a lot of benefits that even extend to health issues. Drivers can avoid falling into bouts of depression or loneliness while also earning more money in a team setting.

The T.G. Stegall Trucking Company offers CDL driving jobs that include great benefits, flexible hours and excellent pay. Charlotte trucking jobs have never been better as T.G. Stegall provides a pathway towards a bright future.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Benefits That Come With the Life of a Trucker

Driving a truck can be a very rewarding profession and there are a lot of perks that come with this type of employment. Here is a look at some of the benefits that come with CDL truck driving jobs.

Job Security

Every year, there is a growing need for trucker jobs, which means there is usually as much work as a driver can handle. While some professions experience dips in employment in what can be a scarce job market, there never seems to be a shortage of CDL trucking jobs.

Flexible schedule

Some drivers enjoy getting up early and hitting the open road while others prefer to drive through the night. The good part about this is that there are options available to suit each driver’s preference. A truck driver’s workday does not always have to follow conventional hours.


Truck drivers do not have to work with a boss staring over them all day. There is also a level of self-reliance placed upon truckers as it is up to them to monitor and maintain their daily progress. The better a driver becomes at that daily management, the more in demand he/she will become.

Paid Travel

While most people are limited to seeing different parts of the country on television or online, truck drivers can experience different places with their very own eyes. Certain hauls may take drivers to places they never knew existed and prove them with a sort of unexpected adventure.

Learn and Drive

Truck drivers can really utilize their time behind the wheel by listening to educational CDs and audio books. Drivers can choose audio books and actually get through novels in no time at all while out on the open road. When they are done with the stories, drivers can expand their knowledge in many other subject areas with educational audio CDs. These can include courses, lectures, or foreign language learning.

New Challenges

Every trip has its share of challenges, which may include backing into tight spots or navigating down tight streets. Overcoming these challenges develops a skill set that is not all that common. Truck drivers are able to overcome challenges on the road that many people would be too fearful to even try.

The T.G. Stegall Trucking Company works with its drivers to create a top-quality work experience by offering a long line of perks. If you are in search of one of the top truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC, check out T.G. Stegall and see just how many benefits await you.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hiring Younger Truck Drivers Can Prove To Be An Asset

There is no rule that dictates how old a person needs to be in order to obtain a CDL truck driving job, just as long as they are at least 18 years of age. There are some people who are all for hiring younger truckers while others are stoutly against it. Here is some insight on how younger truckers can prove the naysayers wrong.

Younger drivers naturally have more energy. Most new drivers are not bogged down by the stress and angst that comes with supporting kids, going through a divorce or worrying about how the next mortgage payment will be made. Therefore, younger drivers are often much fresher and more alert than someone who has 20 more years of worry. They can definitely use that energy to their advantage.

Young drivers may not have the experience of a 30-year veteran trucker, but they can have better reflexes and more stamina. For the most part, the majority of younger drivers are in better physical shape. That makes them better candidates to drive long hauls and sharper reflexes could also enable them to make a split second decision that avoids a collision.

Loading trucks with cargo is something that is not always readily welcomed by older drivers. However, many younger drivers are in adequate enough shape to help out with the loading process. That could translate into quicker drive times and less time spent in an idle state.

While younger drivers may lack experience, they have also not developed any bad habits, nor are they set in their ways. That allows a certain level of adaptability, which is a tremendous plus among those who are hiring truck drivers in Charlotte NC.

As technology expands, there are plenty of new devices to aid truck drivers. The younger generation has grown up with cell phones and they have always lived in a world where going online to find out information was the norm. This makes them more prone to understand all the new technology that can help truckers and they will likely to be more inclined to put that technology to use.

T.G. Stegall Trucking values drivers of all ages and welcomes younger drivers to take advantage of one of the company’s truck driving jobs in Charlotte, NC. A bright career awaits as T.G. Stegall Trucking Company continues to be among the elite when it comes to Charlotte truck driving jobs.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Winter Tips For Truckers

The winter months can present a lot of obstacles on the road for truck drivers. That is why it pays to be prepared and here is a look at some useful tips that CDL truckers can use to their advantage during the winter months.

Watch for black ice

This can be very dangerous to anyone on the road, especially truckers. Black ice actually has a shine to it and can appear to look like a puddle of water. It often starts to form underneath overpasses as well as in spots that have a significant amount of shade. Intersections can also be a problem area for black ice.

Make a list and check it twice

It helps to be ready for winter challenges and it is wise to make a list of items to keep with you at all times. Pack extra clothes to prepare for the cold and remember that heat is lost through hands and feet. It is also a good idea to keep an ice scraper and windshield deicer handy. Flashlights and batteries are also a help as is rock salt for icy conditions.

Layer up

Dressing in layers will enable you to stay warmer for longer periods of time and on long haul trucking jobs, it is easy to peel off layers and allow yourself to be a little cooler.

Remove snow

When driving through snow, there can be a quick accumulation of ice on your truck. At each stopping point, it is recommended to knock any ice off your truck, which includes the ICC bumper, mud flaps, chain hangers and any other problem areas. Failure to do so could bring about a lot of danger to other drivers.

snow chains, truck tires

Proper equipment

Sometimes, the proper equipment could turn out to be very useful. Load up with the right size chains, waterproof gloves, bungees, kneeling pad and camlock t-handles.

Know your brakes

Anti-lock brakes can work to a driver’s advantage and in an emergency, a driver should press down on the brake and hold it. What happens is the anti-lock brake system prevents your wheels from locking and allows you to navigate around any obstructions. When driving a truck without anti-lock brakes, pump on the brakes lightly as it will help to keep your tires from locking.

T.G. Stegall is the only stop for Charlotte truck driving jobs, offering competitive pay and flexible hours to all drivers. When it comes time to find a rewarding truck driver job, look no further than the T.G. Stegall Trucking Company.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Benefits of Short Haul Truck Driving

Not every truck driving job has to stretch across miles and miles of highway. There are plenty of trucker jobs that do not even require the driver to leave the state. Here’s a look at the long list of benefits that comes with a short haul truck driving job assignments.


Truckers are more familiar with the local routes and roads they will take on a short haul. Traveling in a familiar area provides less stress and offers the ease of navigating through territory drivers already know. Many drivers are becoming more and more inclined to welcome these kind of trips where they already know the lay of the land.

No change in lifestyle

Truckers who make long trips across quite a few states have to adjust to a new way of life. That means eating meals on the road, sleeping in their cab and being away from their loved ones. Short hauls allow truckers to go to work and then come home, much like most other jobs. Companies like TG Stegall Trucking Co in Charlotte say their drivers will get home virtually every weekend, and may even be able to get home in mid-week as well.

Healthier living

Being able to go home at nights is healthier in a number of ways. Short haul drivers are able to sleep better and eat better. There is also the opportunity to have a normal night life as opposed to spending time alone at a truck stop or motel.

Less expenses

Short haul drivers can pack their lunch and limit what they spend on food. Everything out on the road costs a little bit more than it would at home and that can include leisure expenses as well. Operating expenses can add up in a hurry, particularly for truckers who are owner operators.

No log keeping

Drivers who make shorter trips do not have to worry about all the requirements that are needed to keep an accurate log book. It is one parts of the job truck drivers tend to dislike, although it is not a concern on shorter trips that cover much less ground.

Less solitude

Being alone in a truck for long periods of time can cause loneliness and even depression. Short haul drivers don’t have to worry about feeling isolated during their runs as it won’t force them to commit to enduring stretches of solitude.

If you have been looking into any local truck driving jobs in Charlotte, your search can end by contacting T.G. Stegall Trucking Company. The number of rewards are extremely high as T.G. Stegall provides all the perks to make it among the best trucking jobs Charlotte has to offer.

Friday, June 16, 2017

T.G. Stegall, a longtime supporter of Loaves and Fishes Food Drive

T.G. Stegall is more than just a top notch trucking company that is an ideal place to work for anyone looking for a quality truck driving job near Charlotte NC. Every year, T.G. Stegall likes to give back to the community and help out those less fortunate.

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One of the annual initiatives on T.G. Stegall’s itinerary occurs every February during the Scouting for Food Campaign that benefits Loaves and Fishes. T.G. Stegall Trucking is proud to be a longtime participant in the drive while assisting Loaves and Fishes, a Charlotte based non-profit organization aimed to help hungry individuals and families.

Loaves and Fishes has established 20 emergency food pantries all across Mecklenburg County. These pantries are a place where families can go and actually select the groceries. Providing options of this kind is designed to balance out meals and empower the participants to have some control over what they are getting.

Loaves and Fishes also employs a dietician, who can help families put together well balanced and nutritious shopping lists so that they can live a healthier lifestyle.

T.G. Stegall has been able to fill up sizeable truckloads of food in an effort to help feed members of the community. Drivers have no issue using their trucks to transport that food to where it is both needed and appreciated.

Many of T.G. Stegall’s truck drivers are members of this community, so it is essentially a way for drivers to help their neighbors. T.G. Stegall also makes annual food donations in which the company is happy to donate its share of food to Loaves and Fishes.

Ever since its first involvement with the Food Drive, T.G. Stegall has donated not only time and monetary items, but has also had its drivers help deliver food.

“Our drivers enjoy helping each year,” said company owner Jeff Stegall, who has also donated his personal time to the cause. “In fact, we had one in the past that retired but told me that, each year, if I needed him, he would be more than happy to help out the Loaves and Fishes collection week and donate his time to help with the food drive.”

T.G. Stegall remains Charlotte’s top trucking company dedicated to providing its drivers with great consistent pay, excellent benefits and flexible hours. Drivers looking to better their careers can find the best Charlotte truck driving jobs by joining the team at T.G. Stegall Trucking.
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