Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fuel Cards are a Benefit in the Trucking Industry

Buying fuel is an inevitable part of all NC trucking jobs. Keeping costs down is also the goal of every driver and trucking company. Fuel cards make life easier on both parties and here is a closer look at how the use of fuel cards can save money, time and provide an extra measure of security. 


Just about every fuel stop across the country accepts fuel cards. In addition to convenience, most fuel cards provide a lot of discounts. That could be as little as a couple of cents all the way up to a quarter off every gallon of fuel you purchase. The transaction fees are also minimal and some fuel cards have no transaction fees at all. 

More Data

Swiping a normal credit card at the fuel pump will send out some basic information in the billing statement. It will state when and where the purchase was made and for how much. Using a fuel card will ask drivers to enter their driver identification as well as provide an odometer reading. This helps with company accounting and makes managing the fleet a whole lot easier. It also makes calculating fuel expenses easier for drivers.

Added Security

Since the use of a fuel card requires a driver ID to be entered, there is an added measure of security not available when using credit cards. Higher level fleet managers are the only other ones with access to that information and can easily cancel the fuel card in the event that it is lost or stolen.  T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in NC wants to ensure the safety of all their drivers. An added bonus is that drivers can free from the worry of having to carry cash and expose themselves to the possibility of being robbed. 


With fuel cards, drivers will not be responsible to sort out cash or credit card fuel payments, which makes stopping for fuel a much easier process. There can also be time limits set on fuel cards as well as specific purchase hours. There is even the option to set weekly limits on how many gallons of fuel can be purchased. This allows the fleet to manage expenses a little easier.

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