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Truck Driving: A Peek into the Fulfilling Life of A Trucker

In the United States alone, some 3.5 million truck drivers are tasked to complete a critical aspect of doing business: logistics. Driving across the country, they are employed by 1.2 million companies that operate a total of 15.5 million trucks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that within 2012 and 2022, there will be more trucking job vacancies given the rise in demand for goods and transport. Consequently, heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver hiring, in particular, is expected to be up by about 11%.

Deluxe Truck Driving Perks, Anyone?

As with any other profession, truck driving requires passion and dedication. If long hours on the road sounds like a promising enterprise, then CDL Truck Driving Jobs will certainly satisfy your needs – and you get the fantastic perks that come with it, too! Anyone looking into a career in truck driving is in for these great upsides of the job:

A sense of independence and flexibility. Truck driving as an occupation practically promotes the idea of being independent. While being responsible for meeting certain job requirements such as safety and delivery schedules, for the larger part of the journey, Truck Drivers ensure proper time management on their own terms. There are schedules, orders or instructions from dispatch that truckers are expected to follow through, but they practically go out on their own to get the job done.

The big truck is a big attraction. Many find driving extremely appealing – and getting behind the wheel of a massive truck all the more so. They can’t get enough of the raw, powerful engine roar that is music to the ears. To them, it is both enjoyable and relaxing to be around the equipment, and driving this majestic mountain of machinery for days is simply the icing on the cake. If this sounds like you then CDL Driving Jobs may be a great fit.

Cruising the open highway is a glorious experience. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to say they enjoy the job because they love being on the road. In fact, many truck drivers have come to embrace the demands of their work as a fulfilling experience – and for all the right reasons: the lovely scenery, the interesting people they meet, and the freedom the experience brings. Each day is a different adventure, and it certainly keeps life interesting.

The job pays well.

Some long haul truckers are happier about long travels and even call it “paid vacation.” They get to see different parts of the country throughout their journey and get a decent wage for it. As a smart truck driver, you should know that working for highly regarded trucking companies can possibly open the door for great pay with great benefits.

Drive for a Reputable Trucking Company in Charlotte NC

Here at T.G. Stegall Trucking Company in Charlotte welcomes truck drivers for their nationwide trucking and transportation service for manufactured goods, as well as refrigeration, waste management, and storage services. Now on its 65th year in the industry, T.G. Stegall has remained compliant with state laws on giving their drivers the best compensation and benefits.

Striving to be the top in truck driving employment in Charlotte, the family owned business is known for offering competitive pay per mile rates and excellent perks – all while giving their drivers weekends to spend with their family.

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