Monday, September 17, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Trucker Apps

An abundance of mobile apps have made life easier on truck drivers and continue to help them over the course of their workdays. However, some apps can also be counterproductive toward your trucking jobs. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of trucker phone apps.

One of the benefits of these apps is they have been able to enhance the client-provider relationship by establishing an ongoing connection. These apps could even lead to trucking companies downgrading their reliance on the middle men in charge of communication. That could have its pros and cons.

It is no secret that the more advanced technology becomes, the more capabilities are available to truckers and trucking companies. These capabilities allow independent truckers to discover cargo in areas that are rather unfamiliar to them, which could decrease their amount of empty returns.

Trucker Apps can also reduce the number of people on trips. A single driver equipped with an app can make runs without having to rely on another person. This style of app is similar to an Uber type of service. While it may seem to provide convenience, there are inherent risks involved that come from relying solely on technology for booking truck driving jobs.

Contracts between shipper and Charlotte trucking company have long since existed and spell out every last responsibility. These contracts are also ways of enhancing customer satisfaction. Without those lengthy contracts, it is basically a roll of the dice when it comes to who is hired to haul a load.

However, there are beneficial trucking apps that do not attempt to reinvent the trucking industry. Electronic logbooks, editable logs, cheap fuel finders and violation alerts are just a few of the conveniences provided by a wide array of trucker apps. These apps serve the purpose of providing a trucker with more tools out on the open road. And as long as they are managed responsibly, they can all be a tremendous benefit.

With the advent of new technology, there is still the need for manpower when it comes to truck driving jobs. The business of driving doesn’t look to be changing and the successful way trucking companies have always operated look to continue. That means delivering customer satisfaction with the help of apps and not developing a reliance upon them.

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