Sunday, February 17, 2019

Technology Can Be a Truck Driver’s Best Friend

All the advances in technology can make life on the road much easier, safer and more enjoyable for truck drivers. Finding the most helpful types of modern technology can provide an ample amount of benefits. Here’s a look at some of the technology that could prove to be your best friend on your next OTR truck driving job.

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App store displaying on an Apple mobile device.

Mobile Friendly Companions

CB radios have been replaced by mobile phones which can serve a variety of functions for truckers. They do more than just allow truck drivers to communicate. There are many helpful Apps, such as calorie counting Apps which can help truckers maintain a healthier diet. The GasBuddy App helps out with gas by notifying the driver of the cheapest gas prices around. Paying less at the pump can add up over the course of a trip. On downtime or between trucking jobs entertainment can be found in movies, videos, music, e-books and games all available on mobile devices through Apps. These are just a few examples of the many Apps that could benefit truckers.

Monitoring For Safety

Trucking companies can increase safety with new on-board monitoring technology that continually updates a trucker’s status. The Ryder company has introduced its version of this feature, known as RydeSmart. Some truckers may be skeptical in regards to this kind of monitoring as they may feel it is an invasion of their privacy. However, it promotes safety which leads to better driving. Regardless of individual opinion, this technology aims to enhance safety for all drivers.

Connect With Family Members and Friends

One of the drawbacks of being a truck driver is having to spend time away from family members and others you care about. With a wide variety of mobile apps like Face Time, and Skype, truckers can connect with their families and friends every day. This continues to make long days on the road much more tolerable. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter also help keep truckers connected.

More Ways to Benefit

GPS systems can alert truckers to traffic patterns and could keep a driver from spending hours in bumper to bumper traffic. Weather Apps are another basic tool that can prove very useful on any truck driving job, alerting a driver to severe conditions so they may plan accordingly.  Many trucks are also equipped with PeopleNet, which can diagnose problems with a simple call from the driver.

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