Thursday, April 25, 2019

Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

Trucking jobs can mean a good deal of pay for CDL drivers. That pay can be even more lucrative by managing a budget while out on the road. Here are some helpful money saving tips truck drivers can use to their advantage.
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Eat For the Right Price

flat bread sandwich, healthy food, healthy eating, homemade deli sandwich, food for truckers, food for truck driversFast food may be ready in a hurry, but it will drain your pockets just as quickly. One way to avoid this type of diet is to purchase a portable refrigerator. This will allow truckers to stock up on food at stores that offer much more reasonable prices than fast food chains or truck stops. Putting a power inverter inside a truck will also let drivers use a microwave or coffee maker each day.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Most NC truck driving jobs require logging miles out on the road, there is not always going to be free Wi-Fi available. Those are the moments when drivers must rely on their 3G connection, but using that too much could boost monthly phone bills significantly. Wherever there is free Wi-Fi, take advantage of it and plan nightly stops around places that offer this service.

Use Automatic Bill Pays

A busy week on the road may cause drivers to forget about a monthly bill or two. Neglecting to pay that bill on time could result in late fees, which means more money out of a driver’s pocket. Setting up an automatic bill pay is fast, easy and convenient while saving both time and money.

Avoid Cash Advances

Some companies provide cash advances that will allow drivers to withdraw some money from their upcoming paycheck. However, there are often fees associated with these advances that can stretch as high as $20 per withdrawal. Avoiding these advances means more money down the line.

Look For CDL Discounts

Some restaurants and hotels offer CDL discounts, even though they might not advertise it publicly. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a discounted rate that comes with just flashing a CDL.

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Odds And Ends

Bringing enough clothing for a trip will save on laundry costs while signing up for driver rewards programs also has its perks. But savings can be even more basic as every penny counts. Drinking water is a healthier and cheaper option than drinking soda or juice over the course of a day. Some studies have even shown that approximately 37% of participants had commonly mistaken hunger for thirst. Next time your stomach gurgles between means reach for water instead of a snack.

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