Thursday, May 16, 2019

Requirements Needed to Obtain a CDL

Most CDL trucking jobs can be very rewarding. For the right person it can be a wonderful, life-changing opportunity but this career must be kicked off by obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Acquiring a CDL is not as simple as making a few right hand turns or passing a basic driving test. There is a process involved as drivers must meet certain requirements, which are as follows.

Pass a physical

Drivers do not need to be able to run a marathon, although they will be expected to pass certain medical tests. For example, they will need to show they do not have sleep apnea or blood sugar level that exceeds 200. Other conditions which could negate a CDL, and ultimately a CDL driving job, include a hernia or cardiac and cardiovascular issues. Blood pressure must also be at a certain level as those who show a BP reading of 180/110 or higher will be disqualified. When the physical is passed, drivers will receive a medical DOT card.

Choose a CDL Class

There are three different types of CDLs drivers can apply for and those three classes are as follows:
·         Class A – Allows drivers to operate vehicles with a GCWR of 26,001 as long as the vehicle the driver is towing exceeds 10,000 pounds.
·         Class B – Permits drivers to drive a vehicle that has a GVWR that exceeds 26,001 pounds.
·         Class C – Allows drivers to operate 16-passenger vans as well as a vehicle that holds hazardous materials.

Add Endorsements

Getting a CDL can be the first step for drivers as there are other endorsements that can follow. This will allow drivers to have a wider range of capabilities when it comes to what kind of vehicles they can operate. There is additional testing and if passed, drivers will be able to operate vehicles such as tanks, school buses and double or triple tractor trailers.

Driver Training

Some trucking companies are responsible for training new drivers while there are also schools and programs that specialize in driver training. Training requirements differ from state to state as drivers must log a certain amount of training hours before they are permitted to transport cargo on their own.

Background checks

Before obtaining a CDL, a driver’s history will be examined. Things are taken a step further when it comes to being able to transport hazardous materials. For that specification, drivers must undergo a background check conducted by the FBI and must also be fingerprinted.

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