Monday, July 15, 2019

Things to Know About the Truck Driving Industry

Getting into the trucking industry can provide a beneficial career for those looking for a life out on the open road. For new, veteran and potential drivers, here are some important things to know about the truck driving industry.

•    Full-time truck driving jobs are demanding as drivers are expected to log around 120,000 miles per year, which averages out to a little more than 2,300 miles a week. In a five-day work week, that comes to 460 miles per day.

•    The trucking industry’s origins are dated back to 1933 when the American Trucking Association was formed. It was not until 1967 that the DOT (Department of Transportation) was established and started overseeing standards for driver licensing as well as maximum driving hours.

•    Many drivers are expected to work a total of 70 hours over an eight-day period. However, there needs to be a minimum of 34 hours of rest before a driver can resume driving after a 70-hour work period.

•    Trucks that contain a full load generally weigh around 80,000 pounds and require an entire football field, which measures 100 yards, in order to come to a complete stop.

•    The trucking industry accounts for a great deal of American jobs. Currently, there are more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. as one of every 15 people work for a trucking company. This also means trucking jobs are in high demand.

•    National Truck Driver Appreciation Week takes place every year in September and this year’s will be held from the 13th to the 19th. During that week, there are a host of promotional events planned out by the ATA (America Trucking Association). Trucking companies are expected to display driver appreciation during that time with various promotions and events.
•    The average American truck driver is 49 years old while the rest of the American workforce checks in with an average age of 42. Women also comprise only 6.7% of all American truckers.

•    The National Truck Driving Championships are held annually and this year the event will take place from August 11-15 in St. Louis, MO. It dates back to 1937 and has all sorts of events while being described by many drivers as the Olympics of trucking.

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