Monday, August 26, 2019

Benefits of Short Haul Truck Driving

Not every truck driving job has to stretch across miles and miles of highway. There are plenty of trucker jobs that do not even require the driver to leave the state. Here’s a look at the long list of benefits that comes with a short haul truck driving job assignments.


Truckers are more familiar with the local routes and roads they will take on a short haul. Traveling in a familiar area provides less stress and offers the ease of navigating through territory drivers already know. Many drivers are becoming more and more inclined to welcome these kind of trips where they already know the lay of the land.

No change in lifestyle

Truckers who make long trips across quite a few states have to adjust to a new way of life. That means eating meals on the road, sleeping in their cab and being away from their loved ones. Short hauls allow truckers to go to work and then come home, much like most other jobs. Companies like TG Stegall Trucking Co in Charlotte say their drivers will get home virtually every weekend, and may even be able to get home in mid-week as well.

Healthier living

Being able to go home at nights is healthier in a number of ways. Short haul drivers are able to sleep better and eat better. There is also the opportunity to have a normal night life as opposed to spending time alone at a truck stop or motel.

Less expenses

Short haul drivers can pack their lunch and limit what they spend on food. Everything out on the road costs a little bit more than it would at home and that can include leisure expenses as well. Operating expenses can add up in a hurry, particularly for truckers who are owner operators.

No log keeping

Drivers who make shorter trips do not have to worry about all the requirements that are needed to keep an accurate log book. It is one parts of the job truck drivers tend to dislike, although it is not a concern on shorter trips that cover much less ground.

Less solitude

Being alone in a truck for long periods of time can cause loneliness and even depression. Short haul drivers don’t have to worry about feeling isolated during their runs as it won’t force them to commit to enduring stretches of solitude.

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