Thursday, October 10, 2019

Winter Tips For Truckers

The winter months can present a lot of obstacles on the road for truck drivers. That is why it pays to be prepared and here is a look at some useful tips that CDL truckers can use to their advantage during the winter months.

Watch for black ice

This can be very dangerous to anyone on the road, especially truckers. Black ice actually has a shine to it and can appear to look like a puddle of water. It often starts to form underneath overpasses as well as in spots that have a significant amount of shade. Intersections can also be a problem area for black ice.

Make a list and check it twice

It helps to be ready for winter challenges and it is wise to make a list of items to keep with you at all times. Pack extra clothes to prepare for the cold and remember that heat is lost through hands and feet. It is also a good idea to keep an ice scraper and windshield deicer handy. Flashlights and batteries are also a help as is rock salt for icy conditions.

Layer up

Dressing in layers will enable you to stay warmer for longer periods of time and on long haul trucking jobs, it is easy to peel off layers and allow yourself to be a little cooler.

Remove snow

When driving through snow, there can be a quick accumulation of ice on your truck. At each stopping point, it is recommended to knock any ice off your truck, which includes the ICC bumper, mud flaps, chain hangers and any other problem areas. Failure to do so could bring about a lot of danger to other drivers.

snow chains, truck tires

Proper equipment

Sometimes, the proper equipment could turn out to be very useful. Load up with the right size chains, waterproof gloves, bungees, kneeling pad and camlock t-handles.

Know your brakes

Anti-lock brakes can work to a driver’s advantage and in an emergency, a driver should press down on the brake and hold it. What happens is the anti-lock brake system prevents your wheels from locking and allows you to navigate around any obstructions. When driving a truck without anti-lock brakes, pump on the brakes lightly as it will help to keep your tires from locking.

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